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Step 1.

Design Research

UX design, or User Experience Design, is the process of designing a system that will provide an optimal experience for end users. It goes through three steps: research, problem solving, and prototyping. Research is a crucial part of the UX design service. We gather information about your customers so our designers can understand their needs and what they want in a final product.

Step 2.

Concept Creation

Once we've performed our research, it's time to start designing - however, we like to keep our clients involved in the entire design process. What this means is that we will create initial concepts of your design for you to review before we move forward with the entire project.

Step 3.

Mockups + Prototyping

Prototyping is an important part of the UX & UI design service because it provides designers and clients a way to test their ideas in a real-life setting before spending time developing and implementing them. A prototype also allows the client to give feedback on whether or not they are able to understand the product, how they found it, and whether they would use it again in the future. This can significantly cut down on development costs because bad ideas can be easily discarded at this stage instead of having to be scrapped after already being worked on.

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